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Your Sadness Gives Me Strength

Checking in on an old friend.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

After the Hoyas' 72-80 overtime loss to the smoldering tire fire that is Marquette, Georgetown is:

  • 11-7 in the overall and barely in the NCAA Tournament discussion ( projects Georgetown to finish with around a 15-15 record);
  • Positioned 69th in's ratings (behind Ohio, Toledo, and the Stephen F. Austin Fightin' Stephen F. Austins);
  • Ranked 83rd and 84th in adjusted offensive efficiency and adjusted defensive efficiency, respectively;
  • Sitting behind the powerhouse that is Providence in the Big East standings and is only a game up on DePaul and Seton Hall -- !!! -- in the win column;
  • Still without the services of The Human Garbage Truck (Josh Smith);
  • Staring at a three-game stretch of Creighton, Villanova, and Michigan State.

These are the good times, people. Things are going great on The Hilltop:


via 30FPS