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Fun For The Whole Family: Jim Boeheim, Mike Krzyzewski Interviewed Together

Needing a way to plug its new basketball conference, the ACC asked two of its best coaches, Jim Boeheim and Mike Krzyzewski, to do a tandem interview. What unfolded was pretty awesome.

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

The ACC Digital Network produced and released a tandem interview with Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim and Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski on Tuesday. Check it out before you read on.

Now, lets talk about what we just watched...

1) Jim Boeheim feels no shame about being the cheapskate. We know this because even before the first question is asked -- who picks up the bill between the two? -- Boeheim is already smiling and pointing towards Mike Krzyzewski.

The best thing about the first question is that Coach K tries to play it off as the gracious host because Syracuse is now the new member of the ACC when in fact it is just because Krzyzewski makes a lot more money than Boeheim -- at least salary wise.

Boeheim tries to cut the tension by saying the dinner was cheap and the next time he will need to pay. Coach K admits it is apart of his dinner strategy.

I am left wondering: If these guys play head games with the dinner tab I can't imagine what it is like to coach against them.

2) It took Jim Boeheim 48 seconds to drop a Denny's joke.

Oh man, that will never get old.

3) Months after picking on the food choices in Clemson, Boeheim does a full 180 on the food in the Carolinas saying Greenville has "one of the best restaurants on the East Coast."

Well, I would have never guessed that! You mean there's actually edible food on Tobacco Road?!?! No way?!?! Get out of town!?!?!?!

(Googles the "47 restaurant in Greenville SC" -- I am not kidding -- and finds Chophouse 47, which is not surprisingly a NEW YORK STYLE STEAKHOUSE!)

You almost had us Jimmy. You almost had us.

4) If you're curious, Jim Boeheim is 68-years-old and Mike Krzyzewski is 66-years-old. Boeheim is almost 27 months older than Krzyzewski.

5) For the first time ever, Coach K breaks the code on why Jim Boeheim gets asked the retirement question ALL THE TIME. The reason? You freakin' Newhouse School of Journalism students trying to make it on Broadway!! All along it was you.

Oh, and the you trolls at Onondaga Community College trying to make it on TMZ. We can't forget about you guys too.

6) The mention of the 2-3 zone.


7) Coach K: "I always pull for him. I know he always pulls for me." (Jim Boeheim nods in the background and eventually -- I think -- calls for a peace treaty.)

Did you hear that Syracuse fans? Stop hating on Duke because things should be a civil as possible.

8) Both coaches call what the ACC has now maybe the best conference in the history of college basketball.

We do not feel sorry for you Georgetown, UConn, Cincinnati, Marquette, Rutgers and Maryland. Go ACC!