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Report: James Southerland Passed On The San Antonio Spurs

Former Syracuse forward had a chance to be selected by the Spurs Thursday night, but passed on the opportunity because of certain conditions.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever had the opportunity to pass on a childhood dream? From the sounds of it, that is what former Syracuse Orange shooting forward James Southerland did Thursday in the middle of the 2013 NBA Draft.

According to, the NBA's runner-up, the San Antonio Spurs, an organization that has been praised for years about how it is run, wanted to pick Southerland with its second-round selection (No. 58-overall) but Southerland and his agent said no thanks. Why? Because the Spurs wanted him to play in Europe to develop his game.

Now, to each their own. One has to make the best decision for one's self. That is why I am not going to write a column on whether or not this was a bad career move for J-South.

However, with that said: If your dream is to get drafted by a NBA franchise -- especially one as good as the Spurs, who in the NBA Finals proved they use shooting forwards very well and showed interest in you before the draft -- and one tells you they want you but you need to do this, this and this; I personally would have a tough time saying, "Ahhhhh. No thanks."

So far, Southerland has yet to sign a contract with a NBA team, though, it is expected he will get a chance to. (Keyword: chance.)

Honestly, I hope it all works out for him but, man, that is a tough decision to support.