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Jerami Grant Is Blogging, Is Sick And Is Roomies With Louisville's Montrezl Harrell

Soon-to-be Syracuse sophomore forward is blogging on about his experience with Team USA's under-19 squad, which is training to compete in the 2013 World Championships in Prague, Czech Republic.


Soon-to-be Syracuse Orange sophomore forward Jerami Grant is documenting his experience with Team USA's under-19 squad, which is preparing to play in the World Championships in Prague, Czech Republic, by sitting down at a keypad and blogging about it on

(Yeah, because blogging is an easy thing to do.)

Grant's first post about his national and world travels was published Sunday, and a few glaring things stood out. First, Grant has been battling strep throat while trying out and traveling with Team USA. For those who have had strep throat before (I have) this seems like an impressive feat.

The bad thing about it is I've been sick the entire trip. I've got strep throat. I got here Friday and probably got it some time on Saturday. Now, I have a virus. It's tough because we've been training a lot and taking a lot of plane rides and it's really hard to get better. We're about to get on the plane to go to the Czech Republic and I'm definitely sick right now.

Second, Louisville's Montrezl Harrell is his roommate and is talking all sorts of crap about beating down Syracuse in the Big East Tournament and winning a National Championship. Grant responds by coughing on him. (Not really.)

Montrezl doesn't really talk too much about Louisville and the national championship. Whenever he brings it up, I don't really want to talk about it. We had a tough loss in the Final Four last season.

Mostly, we just talk about this whole USA team and winning the gold medal. It's such an honor to be able to play for your country.

Grant and his Team USA teammates begins their gold medal hunt on Thursday, June 27, at 2:15 ET when they take on the Ivory Coast in a first-round showdown. Hopefully, by then Grant is feeling better (or hurting our international relations by infecting the country with strep throat) and can contribute in a Game 1 victory.

(P.S., is it me or does every Team USA basketball team start a tournament by playing the Ivory Coast?)