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Dion Waiters Invited To Team USA Mini-Camp

Former Syracuse guard invited to Team USA basketball training camp.

Chris Chambers

Remember the time in Syracuse basketball history when head coach Jim Boeheim and freshmen guard Dion Waiters hated each other? Imagine if that drama happened on a international stage?

Now, that scenario probably will not happen, but I asked the question because there's a chance Boeheim and Waiters could be paired together again, this time as representatives of Team USA this upcoming Olympics.

Of course, Boeheim is a shoo-in to travel to Brazil in 2016, while Mr. Waiters will need to earn a spot on the roster at mini-camp, July 22-25, in Las Vegas. Waiters was invited to mini-camp earlier in the week and will need to try and beat out a slew of up-and-coming stars, according to's Donna Ditota.

The roster includes the likes of Kyrie Irving, Waiters' teammate in Cleveland, plus Paul George (Pacers), Damian Lillard (Portland), Bradley Beal (Washington), Anthony Davis (New Orleans) and Waiters' old UConn foes Kemba Walker (Charlotte) and Andre Drummond (Detroit).

How cool would it be if Waiters does make the Olympic team and former Orangemen Carmelo Anthony plays as well. There would be lot of Orange showing on the global stage.