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Carrier Dome Safe From New NCAA Tournament 'Policy'

According to ESPN's Andy Katz, the NCAA is looking to move away from using domes as host sites for NCAA Tournament regional finals. Luckily, it seems this "policy" does not include the Carrier Dome, which is set to host a regional in 2015.


The Carrier Dome is safe from the NCAA Tournament's new no-dome "policy," according to's Mike Waters and ESPN's Andy Katz.

If you were not aware, Katz reported earlier in the day the NCAA was done using domes for host sites for regional finals (Sweet 16s and Elite 8s).

Mark Lewis, the NCAA's vice president in charge of championships, said using domes for regionals was a trial run for future Final Fours. But the upcoming Final Four sites have already had the dry run, so the NCAA doesn't need to do this anymore. Lewis said regional finals should be in arenas, and that will be the plan going forward.

However, it seems the policy was directed more toward cities and sites that do not have a major college basketball program, like Dallas or Indianapolis, and the Carrier Dome, which is set to host the 2015 East Regional Final, is safe for now and in the future.

This is great news for the city of Syracuse, which has hosted the East Regional 10 times and has been a host site for first and second round games multiple times before.

This is even better news for college basketball fans and media types that get sick of watching big-time basketball played in half-empty football stadiums.

Hooray for change. Hooray for Syracuse being a kick butt college hoops town!