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Why Jim Boeheim Will Retire After The 2016 Olympics

Monday's news of Jim Boeheim agreeing to be a part of Mike Krzyzewski's Team USA coaching staff got TNIAAM's Jared Smith thinking about Boeheim's future retirement. (Yeah, sorry, he knows.)

Kevin C. Cox

The scuttlebutt around the future retirement of Jim Boeheim has gotten a bit old and I am sure just reading the last few words was painful for some of you. However, the recent news that the king of Syracuse basketball is reportedly going to be a part of the Team USA coaching staff, presumably through the 2016 Olympics, got me thinking: this is probably it for Jim Boeheim.

Now, just like many Syracuse fans, I despise the retirement question. It is boring, it is not original and when asked the question Boeheim responds with the same answers: I am thinking about it; I don't know when it is going to happen; it is coming sooner than later.

(And lets be honest, if Boeheim gives the same answer to ANY repeated question you're doing a terrible job as a reporter. He is the king of giving different answers to questions. This one, however, he's sticking to the same script, so just don't ask.)

Of course, that type of answer always brings about speculation -- how soon is soon? how later is later? -- and speculation is something fans do best. (This is why we get angry at reporters who do it because THIS IS OUR JOB!)

Everyone has their own theories on Boeheim's future retirement, as some believe he never wanted to coach in the Orange's new home, the Atlantic Coast Conference (that isn't happening, or so we think); or he wants to play one year in the ACC and say I am done; or he will continue to coach until he just freakin' hates it.

However, the new news about him being a part of Team USA makes me believe he is slowly thinking of an ultimate plan to say goodbye and what better way to do it than winning another gold medal -- in Brazil nonetheless -- with one of his best friends; the same person he will never catch in victories or legend status.

My new theory on Boeheim's retirement also revolves around a few things: A) Boeheim falls in love with playing in the ACC; B) He gets attached to trying to get the ACC Tournament to New York City; C) He wants a few more cracks at Rick Pitino; and D) Boeheim changes his mind about taking it year by year and finally gets a plan together for his retirement.

Add Boeheim's decision to help coach Team USA, a three-year commitment, and it makes sense that the 2015-16 season will be his last at SU and the '16 Olympic Games will be the final swan song to the coaching world.

By that time, Boeheim will have surpassed the 1,000-win mark, maybe added an ACC title to his portfolio and possibly another Final Four appearance. Heck, with this incoming recruiting class there might be a National Championship too.

Overall, too many things point to this as the path to retirement. I just hope we're only luckily enough for me to be right.