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If Coach K Returns To Olympic Team, Jim Boeheim Expected To Follow

Jim Boeheim said he was done helping with Team USA basketball last August, however, a change in the tune of Mike Krzyzewski may make Boeheim's return to international a bit more likely, according to reports.

Harry How

To continue the "what the heck is Jim Boeheim going to do in (situation XX)" speculation articles, today we're going to let you know, according to a weekend article by's Pete Thamel, the long-time Syracuse head coach may not be done coaching the U.S. Olympic Team.

This news comes nearly a full year after Boeheim wrote a journal entry in The Post-Standard admitting he was done with Olympics. Of course, at that time Boeheim thought Mike Krzyzewski was finished with international play, and Thamel's article says that may no longer be the case.

Krzyzewski said he hasn't made a final decision, but his openness to the position represents a significant change. For eight months, Krzyzewski has maintained he's not returning as USA Basketball's head coach.

On Saturday, Krzyzewski said he and USA Basketball Chairman Jerry Colangelo have been talking about his return "quite a bit."

Colangelo said Saturday he and Krzyzewski have been discussing his return "in installments."

"I think it's very close to being resolved," Colangelo said. "That's all I can say for sure."

He added: "Give it another week and it should be resolved."

When told about this, Boeheim responded:

Colangelo said there would likely be changes to the USA Basketball staff if Krzyzewski did return. The 2012 staff included Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike D'Antoni, former Portland Trail Blazers coach Nate McMillan and Syracuse Orange coach Jim Boeheim. Colangelo said it's likely Boeheim would again be part of the staff if Krzyzewski returned.

"I would think that's probable," Boeheim said Saturday. "I think so."

All I have to say is, if you liked pictures of Jim Boeheim in the sun in sunglasses in San Diego, wait until he gets to Brazil!