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Syracuse Basketball Faces Big Odds, According to Vegas Bookmakers

Vegas' college basketball odds are out and the Syracuse Orange will enter the 2013-14 season as long shots to win the National Championship.


Ladies and gentlemen, bettors of all ages, the 2013-14 college basketball betting odds are in, thanks to and Bovada. According to Bovada, the Syracuse Orange have 25-1 odds to win the National Championship, while has them at a get-out-your-check-books-right-now 40-1 long shots.

The favorite? You guessed it -- or maybe you didn't because I find it a bit surprising this team is the favorite considering what happened last year (though, most bettors are stupid so that is why the lines are the way they are sometimes) -- the Kentucky Wildcats, who are currently 5-1 favorites at both sites.

The Kansas Jayhawks, who just nabbed maybe the best freshman in the country, Andrew Wiggins, Tuesday, have the second-best odds (11-2) at Bovada, but are listed at 15-1 at

Louisville, the defending champions, are 17-2 favorites probably thanks to the return of guard Russ Smith and Luke Hancock. The Cardinals will need to find a way to replace point guard Peyton Siva and center Gorgui Dieng.

Meanwhile, our new ACC friends, Duke and North Carolina, are among the favorites to win it all. The Blue Devils are listed at 14-1 at Bovada and 12-1 at, while the Tar Heels are 16-1 and 25-1, respectively.

All of's listings can be found here, while I copied and pasted the Bovada odds below:

Kentucky 5/1
Kansas 11/2
Louisville 17/2
Michigan State 12/1
Duke 14/1
Arizona 15/1
North Carolina 16/1
Florida 18/1
Ohio State 20/1
Syracuse 25/1
Connecticut 33/1
Indiana 33/1
Memphis 33/1
Michigan 33/1
Colorado 40/1
UCLA 40/1
Baylor 50/1
Creighton 50/1
Georgetown 50/1
Gonzaga 50/1
Iowa 50/1
Marquette 50/1
Missouri 50/1
NC State 50/1
New Mexico 50/1
Oklahoma State 50/1
Pittsburgh 50/1
St. Louis 50/1
VCU 50/1
Wisconsin 50/1

Feel free to share your picks below. If I were to select a few sleepers, I'd put money on the Orange, while St. John's is listed 125-1 at