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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: Prepping For The 2013 Final Four With Brent Axe & Ryan Murray

To make-up for lost podcasts and celebrate Syracuse's trip to the 2013 Final Four, TNIAAM's contributor Jared Smith invited's Brent Axe and's Ryan Murray to a chat.


There was a time when yours truly was a credentialed media member for Syracuse basketball, and most of my pre-game meal time was spent chatting with two media members --'s Brent Axe and's Ryan Murray.

And because I needed to make-up a few podcasts while, somehow, celebrating Syracuse's run to the 2013 Final Four, I asked these gentlemen to help get the band back together and prep #OrangeNation for this weekend.

As expected, the duo did not let me down.

For 1 hour, 18 minutes, the three of us chatted about the Orange's remarkable run and what has made it tick. We also broke down Saturday's showdown with the Michigan Wolverines and discussed what a possible Jim Boeheim vs. Rick Pitino National Championship Game would be like.

Other topics:

  • The Mike Rice situation at Rutgers
  • The "new" American Athletic Conference
  • How much Jim Boeheim makes
  • Baye "Matrix" Keita
  • The legacy of Brandon Triche
  • Brent's and Ryan's Final Four timelines
  • Free meals that media members get (maybe our favorite topic)
  • Sean Keeley is wrong, IT IS GRAVY!!

Also, Brent Axe got to swear (he is not used to doing that) and we wrapped up the podcast in time for Ducky Dynasty. (Something we all enjoyed, Jack!)


(P.S., if you haven't check out the latest Brent Axe podcast with The Post-Standard's Mike Waters and Donna Ditota, do so here.)

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