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Jim Boeheim Talks Mike Rice, Final Four Parties At Kevin Costner's With Dan Patrick

For some reason, radio show host Dan Patrick always seems to bring out the best in Syracuse head coach Jim Boehehim. On Wednesday, the pair talked for the second time in three weeks and it was one of the best Boeheim interviews in a long time.

Ezra Shaw

Jim Boeheim is known for a few off-the-court things: having awesome press conferences and solid sports talk radio interviews, which feature him giving his opinion on nearly anything.

Because it is Final Four week and the Syracuse Orange happen to be a part of the festivities, Boeheim has been making the rounds the past few days. (Though, he probably be making the rounds talking college hoops even if Syracuse wasn't going to Atlanta.)

On Wednesday, Boeheim joined The Dan Patrick Show for the second time in three weeks and maybe put together one of his best talk-show interviews to date.

The topics range from picking on the media's coverage of the 2-3 zone (something we've done here at TNIAAM), the Mike Rice situation at Rutgers, the Ed Rush situation in the Pac-12 and partying at Final Fours with Patrick at Kevin Costner's house. (Say what?!?!)

I was going to do a round-up of it, but luckily had a full video clip of it.

If you need some quotes from the interview, here are some good ones.

Jim Boeheim on Mike Rice

  • "I know Mike Rice. I've known him for a long time. He is an unbelievably passionate coach, but you can't watch the video and say this is OK. You can't. I watched a minute, or 30 seconds of it, and I couldn't watch anymore."
  • "You can't do one of those things let alone repeated things. It is too bad."
  • "You can never touch'em," Boeheim said when asked how physical you can get with players. "You can put your hand on their shoulder. I've put two hands on guys' shoulders and looked at them right in the eye. Verbally, you get a little crazy sometimes. I think verbally we get after them.
  • You can't say -- when somebody is not doing what you really need them to do -- you can't say, 'please can you do this.'" That doesn't work. It doesn't work. You have to get verbal. You have to get intense. You can't touch a player. You can't throw something at a player."
  • "I've thrown a basketball, but I've thrown it against a wall. Which, I think is OK."
  • "We tape them all, you can take anyone you want," Boeheim said when asked if he'd allow someone to go through his practice tapes. "There's nothing close (to what Mike Rice did)."
  • "The only time I've been verbally over the edge is at halftime of a really, really poor performance," Boeheim said. "I've actually heard some of our players get more verbal than I do in those locker rooms."
  • "In the locker room, I wouldn't want my words, my language to get out. Sometimes you get overly going and your language is bad. I wouldn't want that seen. But practice, you can watch any practice that you want to watch."
  • "(Cal coach) Mike Montgomery is a good friend of mine. He admits he kinda grabbed Crabbe, his player. I've done that -- not in a long time -- but I've kinda grabbed a player before. I don't think that is anything close to something you should be fired for." (Boeheim admitted it deserves an apology to the player, but not for the coach to be fired.)

Jim Boeheim on Ed Rush

  • "I hope that Ed Rush -- I know him a little bit -- I hope he just said that joking around at this meeting. I don't think he would really, seriously, say I am going to do this. I think that, to me, was a joke, its a bad joke, it was a bad joke but I don't think he should be fired."