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Mike Hopkins And USC: Tim Floyd Claims Head Coaching Job Never Offered

What are the odds Syracuse basketball assistant coach Mike Hopkins leaves to take the USC head coaching job? TNIAAM's Jared Smith breaks down the facts of the case, so you can draw your own conclusions.


Tim Floyd, the alleged front-runner for the USC basketball head coaching position -- the same position Syracuse assistant coach Mike Hopkins has been linked to -- spoke Tuesday night about his meeting with Trojans' Athletic Direct Pat Hayden, and admitted a three-hour conversation took place but a job was never offered.

"I said I was not looking for a job when they called, but I felt it was my responsibility to talk to them about that job," Floyd told the local media after his UTEP Miners were edged by the visiting Memphis Tigers, 56-54, in a Conference USA showdown.

According to Floyd, the interview with USC wasn't for himself but for others.

"I felt like I owed it to our former players and coaches and our current coaches and guys on this team who might want to coach one day to go speak with them," said Floyd.

Believe what you want about Floyd's comments, which also involved him repeatedly refusing to answer whether he would take the job if USC offered, but it seems Hopkins -- "probably the one national assistant (not Pac-12) that could land the gig," says ESPN's Andy Katz -- is the Trojans' second choice for the job and his Syracuse fate hinges on the plan of attack with their former head coach.

If offered the job, indications are Hopkins is interested in returning to Southern California -- the place where he grew up (via Jim Boeheim on Tuesday).

Now, if you're curious what the odds are of USC re-hiring Floyd, here's a few tidbits to think about (via Yahoo! Sports Dan Wetzel).

  • An industry source said there's a possibility of Floyd meeting with USC again when the season is over.
  • Floyd resigned from the USC job in June of 2009 because, "he didn't feel supported by then-AD Mike Garrett. Garrett was fired a year later."
  • Though, 21 wins were vacated because of extra benefits given to guard O.J. Mayo; neither Floyd or his assistants were cited for wronging doing, and the NCAA never punished USC. The Trojans penalties were self imposed.
  • While at USC, Floyd loved his job so much that he turned down job offers from Arizona and Memphis.

However, the more this plays out as a "distraction" to UTEP or USC (not that it is just the perception that it is), the more Hopkins becomes a nice fresh option. Especially, if he shows he is really excited for the opportunity.

All-in-all, Syracuse fans will not know the fate of Hopkins until, at least, a few more weeks when UTEP's, USC's or Syracuse's seasons end.

Until then, Hopkins Watch 2013 is on. News Team TNIAAM is on the case.