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Jim Boeheim Tells Dan Patrick This Will NOT Be His Last Year

Despite an early wake-up call Friday morning, Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim was able to do an interview with The Dan Patrick Show where he definitively said he was not retiring after this season.

Ezra Shaw

Fresh off Thursday's dominating second-round NCAA Tournament victory over the No. 13-seeded Montana Grizzlies, Syracuse Orange head coach Jim Boeheim, somehow, was able to wake up on the West Coast and do any East Coast radio interview Friday morning with The Dan Patrick Show.

Despite the early wake-up call, Boeheim, who admitted he was really tired, seemed to be in a good mood and after a few warm-up questions gave a definitive answer to the retirement question -- which still has life.

Patrick also asked if there was a vote in the Boeheim household would it favor him coming back and coaching. Boeheim said it would be an unanimous yes.

As he usually does, Patrick didn't beat around the bush with his questions asking about CBS' NCAA Investigation story, which sprung-up on Tuesday. (If you remember, this is the scandal that will force him to retire.)

As he has done all week, Boeheim brushed off the questions as old news.

Meanwhile, Boeheim was asked about the Orange's next opponent the California Golden Bears and SU chances at making a Final Four run.

Sadly, Patrick did not ask Boeheim his thoughts on his wife, Juli, being named The Dan Patrick Show's "Cougar of the Week."