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Bracketology: What Is At Stake For Syracuse In The Big East Tournament?

Things may not look great heading into the final Big East Tournament for the Syracuse Orange, but there's still a lot to play for; including a big jump in NCAA Tournament seedings.

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The Big East Tournament begins Wednesday for the Syracuse Orange, as for the (finally) final time the Seton Hall Pirates play the Orange (approximately 2:30 p.m. ET on ESPN) at Madison Square Garden.

The winner of Wednesday's contest will play the Pittsburgh Panthers Thursday afternoon (2:30 p.m. ET).

A victory Wednesday is hopefully what SU needs to build some postseason confidence heading into the NCAA Tournament. However, not just confidence is at stake this week in NYC, here's what else the Orange are playing for.

For starters: a Big East Tournament Championship.

Sure, laugh. But it was at this time in 2006 when the legend of Gerry McNamara was vaulted into the Orangeatosphere after he lead a bunch of underachievers to a four-wins-in-four-nights run to collect the crown.

(Before you break one of these #TacoTime commenting on sports blogs rules, click the link above. It will put you in a better mindset as I move forward.)

The second aspect at stake this week in NYC is NCAA Tournament seedings, which this year may not make that big of a difference on a Final Four run as previous seasons, but it still does matter, so pay attention.

Entering Tuesday, Syracuse was a projected No. 5 seed by ESPN's Joe Lunardi, CBS's Jerry Palm, USA Today's Patrick Stevens and a No. 6 seed by SB Nation's Chris Dobbertean.

With these predictions there's no telling where Syracuse will play its second- or third-round games, as Bracketologist have them playing in four different starter locations.

Now, there's a chance the Orange's seeding can vastly improve, according to SB Nation's Dobbertean, who was nice to breakdown SU's NCAA scenarios pre-BET.

Loss to Seton Hall: The Orange could drop all the way to a No. 7 seed.

Loss to Pittsburgh: SU stays as a No. 6 seed.

Loss to Georgetown: "I really see that potential Pitt game as for a No. 5 seed."

Loss in the semifinals: Beat Pitt and, "beat the Hoyas and a 4 is possible."

Loss in the finals: Nearly a lock for a 4 seed.

Win the whole dang thing: "Win the BET and a 3 is definitely possible. Think of how the '06 team got a bump after winning...Though I think a 4 is the ceiling given how packed lines 1-3 are."

So, there you have it. Still a lot to play for, the question is: will the Orange's offense show up?