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Run And Hide: Jim Boeheim Is 'Worried'

If Jim Boeheim isn't worried about the Syracuse Orange, TNIAAM isn't worried about the Syracuse Orange. Red alert: Boeheim IS worried about the Syracuse Orange!

Mitchell Layton

As most of #OrangeNation freaks out over a slumping Syracuse basketball team, the motto around Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician never changes -- "If Jim Boeheim isn't worried, then you shouldn't be worried."

Well, start freaking the hell out. (Via's Bud Poliquin.)

“Oh, yeah,” Boeheim said when asked on Saturday if he was concerned. “I’ve been worried all along. I’m always worried.”

Always? Well, that's a bit inaccurate considering nine days ago James Arthur ended his post-game press conference admitting he wasn't worried. Yet, after this Saturday's embarrassing loss to Georgetown there was a change of tune.

“We’re not one of the Top 8 or Top 10 teams, no,” Boeheim offered. “We’re definitely not. But could we beat one of those Top 8 or Top 10 teams? Yeah. We could. We definitely could. We beat Louisville, and we could have beaten them again. And we could have beaten Marquette.

“It’s unfortunate that we lost like this so late in the year. Nobody wanted to see that. But it doesn’t mean we can’t regroup. It’s not a slam dunk that we will, but it’s still very possible. We can, legitimately, be a good Tournament team. But our seniors are going to have to play better.”

Despite Boeheim's worrisomeness, and yours too, there is still hope...hopefully.

“Right now we’re not a good Tournament team,” admitted Boeheim after the Orange’s unspeakable 61-39 loss to Georgetown down there at the Verizon Center. “That’s why New York is crucial. If we can go to the Big East Tournament and, hopefully, play a couple of games, at least, that would help tremendously. Even if we lose, did we play better? Then, with a couple of good games behind us, we’d have a week to work on things.

Syracuse resumes play Wednesday, 2 p.m. ET, in the second round of the Big East Tournament against either USF or Seton Hall.