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James Southerland's Appeal Hearing: Before, During And After

It has been reported that James Southerland's appeal hearing is being heard right now. Let's go down to the "court room" for more details...


As you all should know by now, James Southerland is reportedly having his appeal being heard somewhere in the city of Syracuse at this moment.

Though, we don't know where it is happening or what is being said at the proceeding, we can do our best speculating by using YouTube clips!

Before the hearing we can all hope the SU's law school helped James prepare like this:

There's no doubt the senior will make his case like this:

Or it is possible it goes like this:


I am willing to bet it WILL NOT be like this:

It COULD go like this:

If Southerland isn't reinstated we will need another Syracuse fan to...

However, if Southerland IS reinstated, well, the scene might look like this (before you judge, listen to the commentary on the clip and how oddly it relates, it is kinda funny):

When Southerland returns to the team we all hope he helps Syracuse get top the National Championship, where he will help the Orange win it like this: