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Sorry, It's Probably Too Late To Buy Those Syracuse Vs. Duke Tickets

If you're reading this piece, you've probably just lost out on your Syracuse Vs. Duke basketball tickets.


Individual game tickets for Syracuse Orange basketball season-ticket holders went on sale Tuesday and boy, did you all create a frenzy, says Joe Giansante, the university's chief athletic communications officer. The mad rush by season-ticket holders left little left for the general public, who get a shot at buying tickets this morning starting at 10 a.m.

By then, expect SU to release "a very limited" number of seats for the Duke game. Giansante expects the $160 Duke mini-packages to sell out soon. By 10:15 or 10:30 tomorrow morning, there likely will be no more Blue Devil tickets left to sell.

Giansante said the Dome will cap the number of tickets sold to these games at "35,000-ish."

Morning update:

Basically, this means if you're reading this post right now you've probably already lost out on your chance to buy tickets for the Duke game, Feb. 1, and if you don't stop reading this post right now you're probably missing out on the North Carolina tickets too, unless, you decide to become a season-ticket holder.

Giansante said the university is still holding a cluster of better seats for would-be season ticket holders. Each year, he said, SU administrators save a certain number based on how many season tickets they traditionally sell before SU plays its first game.

At this point, those are the best remaining seats in the house.

What might be left is tickets to the Indiana, Villanova, Notre Dame, N.C. State and Pittsburgh game, but we know those may not be as fun.

"I think it's a little bit like the Rolling Stones or Bon Jovi coming," said Giansante. "People that go to concerts are used to a one minute sell out, and I think that we're looking at something like that for tomorrow with the Duke and North Carolina games."

What is interesting, because Duke, North Carolina, Indiana and Villanova are coming to the Dome Syracuse maybe seeing a few extra 30,000-plus-fan games and there's a very good chance the Orange could contend for Kentucky for this year's attendance record.

Also, for the second year in a row the Orange have a shot at breaking an attendance record in the Dome, which currently sits 35,012, set last season when Georgetown visited for the last time as Big East foes.