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#HopTalks: @NunesMagician To Host Twitter Chat With Coach Mike Hopkins

Syracuse assistant coach wants to branch out into the social media realm a bit more and to do so he has reached out to TNIAAM for some help. We gladly said lets do this!


Assuming Jim Boeheim doesn't coach until he is 124-years-old and out lives his assistant coach Mike Hopkins, Hopkins will be the new headman of the Syracuse Orange basketball program sooner than later.

Now, Hopkins future predecessor has admittedly said he doesn't know the Internet, maybe has not even heard of the Internet, and frankly doesn't care about getting to know the Internet. Luckily for us, Hopkins wants to get better on the Internet, more specifically Twitter, and has reached out to us here at TNIAAM to help him out.

On Thursday, Oct. 17, at 7:30 p.m. TNIAAM's official Twitter account @NunesMagician will host a #HopTalks Twitter chat with @Coach_Hopkins, who's coming fresh off documenting his experience at last Saturday's Pearl Jam concert in Buffalo.

What is even cooler is yours truly gets to moderate the chat on the official TNIAAM Twitter account, but I am going to need some help from you guys. So, if you could come up with some questions for Coach Hopkins (SU basketball related, not SU basketball related), post them in the comments section, I'll sort through the best ones and you'll get to see the answers, 140 characters at a time, during our chat on Thursday.

Thanks for the help and hope you can join us later on during the week.