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Battle of the Midway between Syracuse, SDSU in doubt

The aircraft carrier game between San Diego State and Syracuse is in danger of being cancelled due to financial reasons.

Donald Miralle - Getty Images

The San Diego State Aztecs' season opening game against the Syracuse Orange, which was supposed to be played on the deck of the retired aircraft carrier the USS Midway, is on the verge of being cancelled, according to a report in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The other events surrounding the Nov. 9 game -- the fan fest on the pier, the concert for charity and the gala dinner -- have already been cancelled. Six sources told the Union-Tribune that the game is now also in jeopardy of being cancelled, but a final decision is not expected for a couple more days.

The biggest hurdle facing the event, according to the report, is a lack of revenue. The aircraft carrier's temporary outdoor stadium only seats 4,000 fans, and tickets, which are not yet available to the general public, have not sold out. The event has struck a deal with Fox Sports San Diego to broadcast the game nationally, but sponsorship dollars are lacking.

"We're in discussions with the schools and we're optimistic we can find a solution," Fox Sports spokesman Chris Bellitti told the Union-Tribune. "We still want to produce and televise the game on the Midway as planned."

One option to save the game would be to move it to an indoor facility with more seating to generate revenue, according to the report. But it remains to be seen if Syracuse would agree to travel to the West Coast to play in what would essentially amount to a home game for San Diego State.

If the game is cancelled, San Diego State's regular season schedule would drop from 30 to 29 games.

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