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Syracuse Orange Defense Is VERY Confident, Like Undefeated In Big East Confident

You would think that after all these times of getting excited and the subsequent letdowns, one little win against Pitt wouldn't get us all hyped up. Brandon Sharpe, Brandon Reddish, and Sirki Diabate think you should get very excited. They even say they know they can go undefeated....seriously.

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Siriki Diabate is one of the leaders on the Syracuse Football team for good reason. He's very humble, easy going and has a very strong sense of personal responsibility. And all of this is why he doesn't see himself as a leader.

I don't see myself as being a leader. I just go out there everyday and do the same thing that the coaches ask me to do. I try to be a good player on the field and off the field and be a good person. I try to help my teammates in any way that I can and be a good example for them. I just see it as my responsibility and that's my job. We trying to win, we're trying to turn this program around and do whatever it takes to do it

So of course, winning the Big East opener and snapping a pretty ugly losing streak to FBS teams is a great way to turn the team around, right?

It's a great win, we're not there yet, we're just working everyday to get to that goal. At the end of the season when we're undefeated in the Big East, I'll feel great about that turn around.

Yup. Just call him Broadway Siriki. Oh wait, it gets better.

As a whole team, we feel like we can line up against anybody and shut them down. We just have to take it one play at a time.

Iron Brandon Sharpe agrees, and after his monster performance against Pitt, are going disagree?

We practice every day, practice real hard as a defense, as a team so I feel the same way. I feel like we just have to take it one game at a time, go 1-0 every week and that can be possible.

But the first immediate problem with that undefeated thing is a nationally ranked Rutgers. Siriki knows the defense has their heads in the right place.

We give them all the respect. They're a great team, undefeated, and it doesn't get bigger than that. You have to come out with your A game and be ready to play.

Brandon Sharpe 100% agrees that all the respect goes to Rutgers.

They're obviously a great team, so I just go in there with the mindset "they're just guys like us, they put their pants on just like us" so I respect them but we have to go in with the mindset that we're going to win.

But what is the strategy to stopping Rutgers? Let's let Siriki and Brandon Reddish give us all the knowledge.

The first goal of the defense is to stop the run. We have to do whatever we can do to stop the run and worry about everything else after.

It's basically being in the right place at the right time and not losing my focus on the receiver. If it comes down to the corners having to make plays, coach always puts us in the right position to make that play. We just have to keep giving it our best shot against tall receivers. We just have to be physical.

We'll see if Cuse can maintain that undefeated mentality after this weekend. Some other quick notes:

Sharpe had absolutely no interest in talking about his big game, consistently mentioned that he had to put it behind him and that it was the past.

Reddish was pumped to get his first college sack and hopes that he can do it again.

I really am tempted to request RGL Charlie Loeb and tell him about his legacy if the team tanks. Anyone agree?