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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast

Discussions about all things Syracuse sports, including basketball, football, lacrosse and more. And the occasional beer discussion...

TNIAAP: Syracuse MLAX, WLAX tourney preview

The road to Memorial Day starts here.

Podcast: Syracuse MLAX/WLAX postseason push

The Orange lacrosse teams appear to be moving in different directions right now.

Podcast: Syracuse NFL Draft preview, plus big WBB questions

Uhh... what’s going on with Orange women’s hoops right now?

TNIAAP: Transfer rule, Syracuse’s roster & rotation

All the latest transfer news, but with less beer talk than normal.

Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: MLAX end-of-season outlook

It’s never a slow Orange news week.

TNIAAP: Constructing Syracuse’s roster for 2021-22

Things are weird, so let’s try to make some sense of it.

TNIAAP: Syracuse transfer SZN

This is going to be a long and stressful offseason... which you probably didn’t want after the last long and stressful offseason.

TNIAAP: Syracuse Sweet 16 preview

Plus, a special (and more qualified) guest!

TNIAAP: SU men’s & women’s NCAA Tournament previews


TNIAAP: Syracuse MBB & WBB bubbles, seeding

Let’s talk tournaments.

TNIAAP: Syracuse & ACC men’s basketball program tiers

"State of the Program"... but for all 15 teams

Podcast: What’s going wrong for Syracuse in real time

Another one of those episodes where we talk about a game in progress.

Podcast: Let’s try previewing SU vs. Louisville again

It didn’t work out last time, as the game was postponed.

TNIAAP: What are Syracuse MBB expectations?

A question that’s coming up more and more lately...

Podcast: Syracuse MBB vs. Louisville preview

It’s another busy week of Orange sports.

TNIAAP: What may not be working for Syracuse basketball

We recorded this one while watching the Virginia game, but don’t focus entirely on that fact.

Podcast: Syracuse vs. Miami preview

And of course, we recap some of Saturday’s disastrous effort.

Podcast: Syracuse vs. North Carolina preview

Also, welcome to WandaVision week!

Podcast: Syracuse men’s basketball season resumes

Well, we hope that’s the case, anyway...

Podcast: Syracuse men’s basketball pauses again

Plus Garrett Shrader talk

TNIAAP: Syracuse football early signing period preview

(also, Orange men’s basketball developments)

TNIAAP: Syracuse vs. Rutgers preview

Also, some football

Podcast: Syracuse’s disaster weekend recap

Welp, we have to talk about these games (and Notre Dame)

TNIAAP: Syracuse men’s basketball season preview

Hopefully better times ahead for Syracuse sports!

TNIAAP: Syracuse vs. Louisville preview/NBA Draft

Orange football’s back this Friday, whether you like it or not.

TNIAAP: SU’s biggest questions for the rest of 2020

It’s a bye week, but there’s still plenty to discuss

TNIAAP: Syracuse vs. Boston College preview

Yes, SU lost again last week. But they may have found a path forward at the QB position.

Podcast: Syracuse vs. Wake Forest preview

Hey, last week wasn’t as bad as we thought! What about this week?

TNIAAP: Syracuse vs. Clemson preview

Ha - we’re not really talking about how Clemson’s going to stomp us out. That wouldn’t be fun.

TNIAAP: Syracuse vs. Liberty preview

Yes, the season’s continuing whether you want it to or not.

TNIAAP: Syracuse football vs. Duke preview

TNIAAP: Syracuse vs. Georgia Tech recap