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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast

Discussions about all things Syracuse sports, including basketball, football, lacrosse and more. And the occasional beer discussion...

TNIAAP: What’s ailing Syracuse MBB? (And can it be fixed?)

We talked about Syracuse’s issues while they were playing out in real time.

Podcast: SU football hiring, men’s basketball outlook

One last time talking Syracuse sports in 2021.

Podcast: Syracuse football early signing period recap

Also: Spider-Man.

Podcast: Syracuse basketball Villanova recap, ACC lookahead

Recapping the basketball team’s loss to Villanova on Tuesday and looking ahead the rest of the way.

Podcast: Syracuse football season recap, MBB vs. FSU preview

Also, a MBB vs. Florida State preview.

Podcast: Syracuse vs. Pitt/Battle 4 Atlantis preview

Well, last week was trash. Will this one be any better?

Podcast: Syracuse vs. NC State preview

An IN-PERSON episode!

Podcast: Syracuse vs. Louisville preview

Also, there’s Syracuse men’s and women’s basketball on the docket now.

Podcast: Syracuse vs. Boston College preview

Are the Orange going to make it two straight this weekend?

Podcast: Syracuse vs. Virginia Tech preview

Would you believe us if we said these teams were in the same conference?

Podcast: Syracuse vs. Clemson preview

Podcast: Syracuse vs. Wake Forest preview

Plus Orange men’s basketball and this year’s BLOOD SHOOTER.

Podcast: Syracuse vs. Florida State preview


Podcast: Syracuse vs. Liberty preview

Let’s dive into the pool here.

Podcast: Syracuse football vs. Albany preview

There’s Marvel, but not as much as you might have figured.

Podcast: Syracuse vs. Rutgers preview

This week is a bit of a rapidfire preview of what could transpire on Saturday.

Podcast: Syracuse football vs. Ohio preview

Welcome to week one!

TNIAAP: Syracuse football 2021 season preview


TNIAAP: Coastal Division 2021 Football Season Preview

Hey, we don’t know much about these teams...

TNIAAP: Atlantic Division football season preview

Minus Syracuse, of course.

Podcast: Boeheim’s Army TBT Championship Preview


TNIAAP: Conference realignment-palooza

A topic we didn’t expect to be diving into this summer is now the only thing we’re expected to discuss.

TNIAAP: Which aspects of SU football are poised for improvement?

Looking ahead with Orange camp a few weeks out.

Podcast: How’d we like Marvel’s Black Widow?

It’s a slower week, so we discuss a recent movie release along with Syracuse recruiting.

TNIAAP: Is Syracuse football recruiting going well?

And if not, can it be fixed?

Podcast: Syracuse summer recruiting update

There’s a lot going on out on the trail, so let’s talk about a bunch of recruiting stuff.

Podcast: Boeheim’s Army TBT Bracket Early Preview

What are the chances that this team can live up to the hopes we’ve applied to them?

TNIAAP: Which vintage SU games do you wish TNIAAM was around for?

Also, lacrosse and the College Football Playoff’s impending expansion.

TNIAAP: What’s next after SU lacrosse coaching changes?


TNIAAP: Coach K’s impending retirement & what it means for Boeheim

Jim’s the last man standing... what’s the importance of that, and what’s next?

TNIAAP: Syracuse WLAX Final Four preview

National title talk (and Marvel discussions)

TNIAAP: Is WLAX Syracuse’s most stable program?

Discussing what’s at least the most consistent team on campus lately.