Syracuse football coach Dino Babers: ‘We’re hitting the portal hard’

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The Syracuse Orange football team is looking to take the next step in their road to recovery next season, after a 5-7 season has left a “bowl or bust” mentality with both fans and administration. Part of that process is revamping a roster that saw significant turmoil during the season with both outgoing transfers and injuries, and for 2022, that roster will look different based on comments from head coach Dino Babers today on Cuse Sports Talk.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone who has been closely following the program this offseason, even if it seems Babers has changed his mind since the end of the regular season. (We even put together a wish list.) The Orange lost numerous players to the portal during and after the season, dropping their scholarship player list to just 60 before a signing day that did little to address those holes on the roster. It was on signing day that Babers gave another follow up to the transfer portal process, saying that the overall experience level of the group determines which players and how many the program would target for transfers.

Based on today’s comments and the rumors around the back half of 2022 class, it seems that Babers and the rest of the coaching staff feels the team as a whole is a bit too young, which is what happens when so many backups and role players transfer out.

Speaking of the coaching staff, Babers addressed how the rest of the staff will be filled and assigned for the 2022 season.

This is certainly interesting, as it would appear that the defensive side of the ball will run with four full-time coaches (DC Tony White, plus Nick Monroe, Chip West and Chris Achuff) while offense will be far more specialized, however new offensive coordinator Robert Anae will not have a position group to work with, presumably to focus on the offensive scheme and overall execution. The Orange can certainly supplement the defensive side of the ball with graduate assistants and analysts, however that was the approach for 2021 with special teams and the results were less than ideal. The pressure will be on Tony White to ensure his scheme can continue to show success even with less coaches on his side of the ball.

This will probably be the last time we hear from Babers until Signing Day, but by the sounds of it, there will be plenty of transfer news coming before that press conference.


Chubba Purdy

Dino and Beck both have recently followed him on twitter…someone to keep an eye on


Don’t know that much about Chubba but Syracuse University definitley had a shot at his brother Brock and ended up with Amie. Arghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Purdy and Aimee

You are correct that we ended up with Aimee, who didn’t pan out, instead of Brock Purdy, but this is more related to the function, or way, of how Babers has approached QB recruitment over the years. His efforts seem to focus on a single individual. rather than offering, or pursuing, more than one QB recruit in the same class. He seems to put all his QB eggs in one basket (for instance Will Levis or Tyler VanDyke), then, when things don’t work out he’s caught short. His inability to recruit and develop a legit P5 QB has been one of his greatest failures as HC at Syracuse. The issue with the Purdy-Aimee situation wasn’t so much backing off Purdy after Aimee committed, but rather, not taking both.

Not sure that's accurate

Thought Purdy chose Iowa St in part because Lewis (his recruiter) left for Kent St and then SU was left with Amie.

Larger point about Dino’s QB failures is valid though. Syracuse would be better off with more options to develop, why I want a transfer brought in to compete the 4 QB’s left

Yeah, SU regularly

Offers fewer QBs than their peers do, and when they miss on all of the top targets by June, they’re left scrambling. For the 2022 cycle, they had five offers out for a long time, and for most of that stretch, three of those players were committed elsewhere. QB is the biggest pain point of this program, IMO, and a lot of the other problems under Dino flow from issues bringing in great QBs — or a failure to put QBs in situations to succeed.

Dan Manucci

If I recall correctly (2017 was awhile ago) Purdy’s HC, Dan Manucci said Purdy had interest in Syracuse but an offer was not extended (he had 13 offers). Could be wrong. I think after Sean Lewis left, the Orange did not continue to pursue him.
(No QB in the 2022 class is problematic).

Hopefully the new QB Coach

can bring someone in. For a Coach (Babers) who’s motto is ‘steel sharpens steel’ one would think we’d have a QB battle every season.

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