If You Could Change One Syracuse Basketball Play, What Would it Be?

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We did this with football so you already know how this works: One play in Syracuse Orange basketball that you can a redo on. We've got some good ones:

Ben Sigel: Finally play against the Indiana Hoosiers in 1987 a.k.a. Keith *F'in* Smart.

Kevin Wall: For Basketball, I'll say it's a Brandon Triche 3 in the Elite 8 game against Ohio State in Boston. SU was down 1 w/ 6 minutes to go and Triche got a great look at a 3 that was right on-line, but just didn't go down. The pro-SU crowd was ready to erupt and taking the lead there might have been enough to push the Orange to the win and lead to consecutive Final Four appearances. I think the loss to Butler is more of "What Might Have Been" because that team was probably looking at a better chance of winning it all, but I don't know if Arinze's injury counts as a single #whatif play.


James Szuba: For basketball it would definitely have to be the last play of the game in the 2013 Final Four. I wish Southerland would have came off the screen and buried a three to send it into overtime. OT would have been shaky for us with freshman Cooney at point with probably Southerland sliding up to the two guard and Grant and Fair on the wings with Triche and MCW fouled out. Southerland had played the top of the zone before. You never know.

Andrew Pregler: I'm going to go earlier in the game to when Brandon Triche is driving the ball with Cuse down two and just around 20 seconds left on the clock. Triche, playing with his fourth foul makes some contact and is charged with a charge. It was a block. A close call, but clearly a block and the end result is no Triche and Michigan shooting. While Triche was anything but automatic, it still would have been huge to possibly tie that game up. It would have set up the great SU 2-3 zone of that season to get one more stop and either force OT or set up one heckuva a hail mary. Even with how burned Syracuse was to that point, this play essentially erased whatever momentum the Orange had and sealed a Michigan win.

What do you think Orange Nation? What basketball play do you want undone?


Any play where SU decided to wear blue shorts.

25-0 before the blue shorts.

21-19 after.

They look awesome

despite our bad luck afterwards

The shorts and jerseys are both great, they just shouldn’t have been worn together. The jerseys should become our full time home unis, because our current shootyhoop jerseys suck dong.


Those jerseys are so freaking cool. Been trying to buy one for a while but can’t find them anywhere. Anyone know where you can get one?

I'll sell you mine for $200

/mashes rec button

I can agree with that

Favorite jerseys we've worn in my lifetime.

If they just wore orange shorts with them, I would vote for those to be our full-time home unis forever.

NC State in the ACC tournament. Surprised I’m still alive to write this comment after all those missed threes.

The Scoop Jardine "Backcourt Violation" against Marquette

We all know the call was wrong. We had a good chance to win that game with the score tied at 59 and the ball. The momentum shifted after that and I said things to friends and family.. it was just bad.

Damn you bad calls.

This or the Triche foul to end the game in the final 4 against Michigan.

That was terrible

But that team wasn’t going anywhere anyway. If I’m picking one play, it’s going to be one that will give us a significantly greater chance at another title.

The Moten timeout

Why Lawrence, why

1987 National Championship game, Keith Smart.

No question.

Same game for me

But I’d like DC to get back the front end of that 1 and 1 with less than 30 seconds to go.

DC missed a 1 and 1. Triche missed a 1 and 1.

Agree with DC

DC making the 1 and 1, instead of missing the front end, would be the play I would change.

Imagine if they hit just a few of those free throws down the stretch?

Absolutely, postiviely NO QUESTION!

That's Keith



But yes – DC hitting the front end of the 1-and-1 might have rendered Keith FUCKING Smart’s shot moot.


There is no other play to change. Every other game mentioned wasnt the championships game last play. Meaning, why change one play in our history when there is still a possibility to lose the next one

It should be the keith fuckin smart by a landslide


This isn’t even a debate. Without Keith F%$#ing Smart, SU has 2 titles. None of the other plays mentioned have that on the line. The only play that even comes close is Coleman missing the FTs that gave Smart the chance to win the game.

For us younger guys it doesn't matter as much

I won’t speak for everyone, but I was born in 1986 and was a long way away from being an SU fan. Agreed, it’s the most important play to overturn, but I’ll personally go for a 2012 or 2013 play, since I was in attendance for all of those games.

Also, having really become a true Cuse fan in fall 2004 (my Freshman year at SU), I’m still dying for my own championship. I rooted for Syracuse in 2003, and picked them in my tourney bracket, but I obviously wasn’t invested like vast majority of you were at that point. Now I might murder a drifter if it meant we won national title (not literally … I think … OK maybe I should just stop talking …).

I'm not that much older than you

Born in 82, and not an SU fan on 87. I get what you’re saying about wanting "your own" title. I was lucky enough to be there in 03. But that’s what makes 87 the play for me. You know what it’s like to win one, so a chance to get another is gold.


I wasn’t alive for Keith Smart. Of course I would love for Syracuse to have 2 titles, but I wasn’t emotionally invested in Syracuse then. Also, Sigel said Keith Smart first. Couldn’t have said the same thing twice haha.

I'm in the same boat as you age-wise, but from a historical perspective there really isn't any other correct answer to the question.

Answering the question from a personal investment standpoint, the answer for me is the charge/block in ’13 or AO not getting injured in the BET in ’10. However, for everything it would mean to the school I love, I would still choose Keith Fucking Smart if I could change one play in all SU basketball history.

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