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Pinstripe Bowl

Everything you need to know about the 2012 Pinstripe Bowl between the Syracuse Orange and West Virginia Mountaineers.

Yep, There's A Schwartzwalder Trophy Petition

To no one's surprise, a lot of WVU fans are pissed about the fact that Syracuse has seemingly-decided not to put the trophy on the line during the Pinstripe Bowl. And they've formed a petition asking to put the trophy where it belongs.

How the Schwartzy Should Be Up for Grabs

Listen, we all want the Schwartzwalder Trophy to be on the line in the Pinstripe Bowl. It officially isn't but that doesn't mean it still can't be. Say what?! Here's my idea...

Syracuse Wusses Out: Schwartzwalder Not On Line

Doug Marrone confirmed that Syracuse will not put the Schwartzwalder Trophy on the line when they play West Virginia in the Pinstripe Bowl. It's a wussy move.

Why Did Pinstripe Pick SU Over Backyard Brawl?

While Syracuse is an obvious selection for the Pinstripe Bowl, one wonders why they decided not to go with the Backyard Brawl option that was available. Turns out, they used common sense.

Pinstripe Part II - You Cool With This?

Two months ago Syracuse was in the middle of another losing season. Two months later Syracuse is preparing for its second bowl berth in three years. Is the fact the Orange are playing in the Pinstripe Bowl, again, a problem?

Syracuse Football: The Value Of The Pinstripe Bowl

Some Syracuse fans sounded disappointed when the Orange announced they were returning to the Pinstripe Bowl. That lack of patience almost got us into trouble earlier this season with Doug Marrone's status. Don't let it screw up this experience, too.

This stream has:

Syracuse vs. West Virginia In Pinstripe Bowl

The Syracuse Orange will return to the Pinstripe Bowl for the second time in three seasons after a 7-5 regular-season finish.