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Orange Eagle Trophy Update: Orange > Eagle

We've (almost) won!

Kayla are my hero(ine)...
Kayla are my hero(ine)...
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

In the closest of competitions, it was only fitting that the Syracuse Orange and Boston College Eagles would take the deciding matchup of The Orange Eagle Trophy into sudden death overtime. Throughout the 2014-2015 competition, Syracuse and BC matched punch with counterpunch, and on a mild Thursday evening in Charlottesville, their nationally-ranked women's lacrosse teams battled it out in an extremely close and entertaining contest. As with the athletic programs themselves, there was nothing separating these two proud lacrosse teams as they looked to break a 13-13 deadlock and put their school in position to win the coveted "Badass Bird of Prey".

BC had their chances in OT, but ultimately SU's leader and Tewaaraton Award finalist Kayla Treanor scored the vital goal to earn The Orange a 14-13 victory, a birth in the ACC semifinals, and most importantly a commanding Orange Eagle lead. To recap the contest, we take you to the highlights of the live twitter feed between BC Interruption and TNIAAM, beginning with the pre-game trash-talk:

Game On, and SU starts hot, racing to a quick 5-0 lead

But BC does score, and goes on a 4-1 run nearing the end of the first half

With SU up 8-5 at the half and seemingly in control, we ponder the mysteries of women's lacrosse...

But then, out of nowhere, BC's Kenzie Kent goes on a rampage and the Eagles erase their deficit within minutes of the second half.

The Orange respond, but sweet mercy, Kenzie Kent simply will not be denied!

Kent's heroics tied the the game at the end of regulation...sending a tied game AND competition into sudden death overtime!  TNIAAM and BC Interruption could hardly take the pressure:

Through the first two halves of overtime, BC won draw control and decided to speed up the tempo and take it to the Orange break out the dreaded stall tactic:

Yet the Eagles could not score!  Instead, the match went to a third frame of OT, when SU's Kayla Treanor decided enough was enough and went five-hole to win the game for the Orange...sending TNIAAM into raptures, and BC Interruption to the liquor cabinet.

Indeed, SU captured the crucial six Orange Eagle points, but it was clear that all sides had left it all on the field of battle...

Three days later, the Orange poured salt into the wounds of the Eagles by grabbing six additional Orange Eagle bonus points, with Kayla Treanor once again scoring an overtime goal to win the ACC Championship and widen the Orange lead to a seemingly insurmountable 63-51. But there is hope for BC, although it will require a historic run and some luck.  Specifically, the Eagles are eligible to capture 16 more points should they win the women's national title AND defeat Syracuse along the way. I would actually put good money on the latter possibly happening, and BC's quality is there to make it to the Final Four or beyond. It ain't over until it's over, and until it's over, TNIAAM and BC Interruption will be all over the action until it is definitively over.  Stay tuned as the tournament progresses and we finally crown the 2014-2015 winner of The Internet's Premier Collegiate Trophy Competition!