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ORANGE EAGLE UPDATE: The Winner Is...Mother Nature

SU and BC's weekend softball triple-header held the potential to crown the 2014-2015 Orange Eagle Trophy Champion, but the only champion was New England's Winter of 2015.

Here is your Syracuse - BC softball series summary...
Here is your Syracuse - BC softball series summary...
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Tied at 51 a piece, Syracuse and Boston College's softball teams were poised to put their schools in position to win the 2014-2015 Orange Eagle Trophy during a weekend triple header in Plymouth, MA.  It was a series that was a mere ripple in the world of ACC and NCAA softball, but a veritable tsunami in the worlds of SU and BC athletics.

Six crucial points were on the line.  Yet in this historically brutal winter of 2015, it had to figure that Mother Nature would play a role in the outcome of this matchup, and it did to devastating forced the cancellation of the series!!!

Oh, it wasn't without herculean efforts by both sides to get to the game...I mean, look at this effort by SU to simply get to the parking lot at Plymouth North High School:

Awesome!  Once safely at the field, SU encountered field conditions more suited to a Nordic ice queen and her animated pet snowman than a softball game.

Do you want to build a snowman?  Or ride a bike around the dugout???

So where does this leave us?  The cancellation of the series leaves us locked at 51-51 at the end of the regular season of contests.  The only remaining opportunities for points will be 1) in women's lacrosse where SU and BC could either play each other in the ACC or NCAA tournaments, or win those tournaments;  2) in men's ice hockey, where BC could earn 10 points for a National Championship, or 3) in men's lacrosse where SU's top-ranked team could earn 10 points for a National Championship.

Should none of these bonus opportunities arise, a 51-51 tie will force the use of the "Marinatto Rule", named after former Big East Commissioner John Marinatto.  The Marinatto Rule states that in the event of a tie, both teams will be crowned the winner of the Orange Eagle Trophy, and will be able to engrave the winning year on their side of the trophy -- which is SO Big East... and SO John Marinatto...

Will we finish the season locked at 51?  Will bonus points be earned??  Stay tuned to TNIAAM and BC Interruption for more updates as The Internet's Greatest Trophy Competition continues!