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Orange Eagle Trophy Update: Syracuse on the Verge

Should you care about a women's lacrosse game that is being played in February? OH SHERMAN DOUGLAS' SWEATY GYM SHORTS, YOU SHOULD VERY MUCH CARE about a women's lacrosse game that is being played in February!

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Five months into The Internet's Most Famous Trophy Competition (trademark pending), Syracuse University and Boston College remain in a close race to determine the 2014-2015 season victor.  Following an expected four-game sweep of men's and women's basketball and a comprehensive loss at the hands of the BC women's tennis team in Chestnut Hill, The Orange have grabbed a 51-45 lead with 12 regular season points left up for grabs.

Up first as the competition reaches its apex is a highly anticipated women's lacrosse showdown on Saturday in Syracuse between the #3 Orange and the #6 Eagles.  Both schools have started the season undefeated, and Coaches Gary Gait and Acacia Walker will go into the game confident that they can grab a victory for their programs.

Should Syracuse emerge victorious, The Orange will hold a commanding 12-point lead with only six regular season points remaining -- a softball triple-header on March 21st/22nd that will be worth 2 points per game.  BC will have to gain maximum points in softball and hope for some post-season bonus points in either women's ice hockey or lacrosse to have any hope of making up the gap.  Before Syracuse fans celebrate prematurely, bonus points for The Eagles in women's ice hockey is a distinct possibility as The Eagles are ranked #1 in the country and have only one loss on the season.

Should The Orange lose, the score will be tied at 51 with the softball triple-header possibly proving to be the contest that will decide the winner.  There is still everything to play for as these two Northeastern giants continue their head-to-head battle for sporting glory!