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Syracuse vs. Northwestern

Everything you need to know about the Syracuse - Northwestern game.

We Know The Feeling, Ref

It was a rough night for a lot of people.

Notable Quotables From Scott Shafer's Presser

Scott Shafer was is no mood following Syracuse's 48-27 loss to Northwestern.

Northwestern 48, Syracuse 27: Yeah, that Bad

The Syracuse Orange lost 48-27 to the Northwestern Wildcats on Saturday night at Ryan Field in Evanston, Il. Drew Allen went 27-41 for 279 yards and a touchdown, but threw FOUR interceptions.

Syracuse (0-1) vs. Northwestern (1-0) GameThread

We can only hope the Orange are able to add something special to this non-rival rivalry.

SU vs. Northwestern Pre-Game Jitters Open Thread

Before the Syracuse Orange take on the Northwestern Wildcats, let's all let off some steam while we watch the game that come before it.

Injury Will Force Flemming To Miss Rest Of Season

Senior wide receiver Adrian Flemming received some bad news Friday, a lower-body injury he suffered will require surgery and will force him to miss the remainder of the 2013 season. Ooof.

Syracuse vs. Northwestern: TNIAAM Predictions

Who's going to win, the Northwestern Wildcats or the Syracuse Orange?

Syracuse vs. Northwestern: Where Are We Watching?

Find out where Syracuse fans are watching the game this weekend.

Knowing Northwestern: Q&A With Sippin' On Purple

The Syracuse Orange are taking on the Northwestern Wildcats this weekend. We need to know things about them as a football squad and as a fanbase. That means we need the help of someone who knows. This week, that's the fine folks at Sippin' On Purple.

SU Football Roundtable: Penn St. Review/NU Preview

TNIAAM's football wing takes one last look at the Penn State loss, while talking about the keys to success against Northwestern

What Made-Up SU Names Will BTN Come Up With?

The last time BTN covered a Syracuse game, they invented a bunch of new players. Who will they make up this time?

SU Coaching Staff Wants To Get Everyone The Ball

Are you an offensive player for Syracuse? There's a coach out there who wants to get you the ball.

SU vs. N'Western TV, Time & Odds: Cats Favored Big

The Wildcats are getting big numbers from oddsmakers (hopefully SU's open practices in August didn't affect those lines).

What the P-S Won't Tell You About...Northwestern

In this week's preview, we prepare for the "Prose Bowl" by exploring the head-to-head matchup between Northwestern and Syracuse's top-ranked journalism programs.

Scott Shafer & The Angry Six-Inches

You can add "six-inch war" to your Scott Shafer Lexicon.

Did Northwestern Fake Injuries Against Cal?

Northwestern was accused of faking injuries late in the Cal game in order to slow down the Bears' offense. Did it really happen or much ado about nothing?

Syracuse vs. Northwestern: Our Non-Rival Rivalry

If rivalry is defined as two schools that play each other often and have an emotional, vested interest in beating each other, I'd say that somehow, the Northwestern Wildcats make the cut.