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Jim Boeheim's Coaching Tenure Ends

Jim Boeheim's Coaching Tenure Ends

Jim Boeheim’s loyalty: the biggest reason he could never call it quits with the Orange

In a new era of college hoops, Boeheim’s career reflected loyalty, commitment, and an unwavering love for his alma mater

Jim Boeheim meant everything to Syracuse

Just the waxing poetic needed at a time like this...

Saying “Thank You” to Jim Boeheim

The man who defined what it means to "Bleed Orange"

Syracuse men’s basketball: As Adrian Autry takes over, Syracuse needs to give him the tools to succeed

Replacing a legend won’t be an easy task

This stream has:

Jim Boeheim’s Syracuse Orange Head Coach tenure has ended

Jim Boeheim alluded to retirement prior to Syracuse University’s announcement: ‘I gave my retirement speech on the court last Saturday’

The Jim Boeheim era at Syracuse comes to a conclusion after 47 years.

BREAKING: Jim Boeheim retires, Adrian Autry becomes Syracuse men’s basketball head coach.

Whether we saw it coming or not, a Syracuse and basketball legend’s run has come to its end.