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Dyshawn Davis, George Morris Ruled Out For Georgia Tech

Syracuse will be without one of its best defensive players Saturday when it visits Georgia Tech on Saturday.

Brett Carlsen

The Syracuse Orange will be without linebacker Dyshawn Davis Saturday when it plays at Georgia Tech for an ACC football contest, the SU athletic department announced in a press release.

Earlier Thursday head coach Scott Schafer said Davis' ankle was still giving fits and he would be reevaluated later in the day. Davis re-injured the ankle during last Saturday's victory at NC State, however, after the game Shafer said the injury was a nagging one and it shouldn't keep the junior out. It seems coach spoke a bit too soon.

The next man up is junior Josh Kirkland, who filled in nicely for Davis last weekend and will be asked to do the same thing this Saturday in a starting role. Kirkland's test this week will be more difficult, as he will be asked to help contain Georgia Tech's spread options offense.

Also ruled out for this week's game is third-string running back and kick returner George Morris II. This means Prince-Tyson Gulley will be in charge of kickoffs.