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Syracuse Vs. Georgia Tech: Still No Word On Dyshawn Davis' Ankle

Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer did his best to update the media about Dyshawn Davis' ankle, unfortunately, he didn't give us much.


Syracuse Orange linebacker Dyshawn Davis' injured ankle is still getting evaluated and a status on the junior's player status is still unknown, head coach Scott Shafer told the local media Thursday morning.

Earlier in the week, Shafer said Davis' injury wasn't serious and he should not miss this Saturday's game versus Georgia Tech. Though, as the week has progressed there hasn't been much of an update on Davis' bum ankle, which has been bothering him since the summer.

If Davis is unable to play the Orange will lose a big piece of their talented linebacking corps, which will still have senior Marquis Spruill and Cameron Lynch. JUCO transfer Josh Kirkland, who filled in nicely in last Saturday's 24-10 victory over NC State will more than likely replace Davis.

Other injury news involves third-string running back George Morris II, who likely will miss his second straight game. If Morris does not play than backup running back Prince-Tyson Gulley will return kicks.

A couple other notes from earlier this week:

  • During his weekly ACC teleconference Shafer said quarterback Terrel Hunt is, "a work-in-progress from week-to-week. But he's shown signs of steady improvement and we just need to keep going."
  • Shafer also said the Orange will need to be efficient with the ball this week as Georgia Tech will limit Syracuse's offensive touches with their spread option offense: "And you're not going to get as many shots on offense as you do against a lot of teams because they do a good job of controlling the football. You're looking at 60, at best maybe 70 plays in the game. If we can move the ball, regardless whether it's rushing or throwing the ball, but continue to have good drives and keep them off the field, it's definitely a big part of the success in this type of a game."