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National Signing Day, Syracuse Recruiting: KJ Williams Brings Star Power to the Syracuse Class

KJ Williams is the highest rated recruit in Syracuse's class. He headlines an impressive group of 2014 wide receivers.

Stat Me: In 2012, KJ Williams pulled down 59  catches for 986 yards and 10 touchdowns, the first two standing as Liberty HS records.

Seein' Stars: Scout - 4*, Rivals - 4*, 247 - 4*, ESPN - 3*

Who's Crying?: UConn, Michigan, Mizzou, Pitt, Rutgers, UCLA, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin

Money Quote:

Which SU Coach Gets a Bonus?: Pat Perles and Rob Moore

Fun Fact: KJ is cousins with AJ Long, who is a cousin of Jarrod West, and KJ goes to Liberty HS where Jarrod West attended.

Meet KJ Williams:

KJ Williams (via ACC Recruiting)