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National Signing Day, Syracuse Recruiting: At Long Last, Wayne Williams Makes It To #SwaggerCuse

It feels like Wayne Williams has been on his way to Syracuse for decades. He's finally made it to campus, and could make an impact early for the Orange.

Stat Me: Wayne hasn't played ball in a while, as he sat out this fall to preserve a year of eligibility. In his first year at ASA, he recorded three sacks in three games. As a high school senior, he made 50 tackles and sacked the quarterback twice.

Seein' Stars: Scout - 3*, Rivals - 3*, 247 - 3*, ESPN - 3*

Who's Crying?: Texas A&M, Temple

Money Quote: Yes, we always use this for Wayne Williams quotes:

Which SU Coach Gets a Bonus?: Who knows at this point? It was John Anselmo once upon a time.

Fun Fact: If not for Wayne, this Syracuse class would have no New York City players in it. Quite a difference now that we've had a full cycle with Scott Shafer's staff.

Meet Wayne Williams:

City Gridiron S2 Ep1 - B "Meet Wayne Williams".mov (via CozziPix)