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Quarterback Recruit Akeem Jones Not Headed To Syracuse After All

Less than 24 hours after saying he was SO EXCITED to sign his LOI to Syracuse, it is being reported quarterback recruit Akeem Jones is not going to be a part of the Orange's 2013 recruiting class.

Gregory Shamus

Remember yesterday's story about the surprising, post-National Signing Day commitment of quarterback recruit Akeem Jones, who was SO EXCITED to be coming to Syracuse after decommitting from Louisiana-Lafayette and supposedly turning down a lot of major programs.

Well, like most signing day stories that seem too good too be true this in fact was.

According to's Mike McAllister, Jones is not going to be a part of Syracuse's recruiting Class of 2013 and, interestingly enough, hasn't spoken to the coaching staff since Jan. 30th.

Why, you might ask?

That's because Jones' scholarship offer was contingent on one of the other two quarterback recruits, Austin Wilson or Mitch Kimble, not accepting their scholarship offers.

Once both of those players sent in their LOIs Wednesday, Jones' scholarship offer was taken off the table.

Of course, this begs me to ask a few questions which we will probably never get answers to:

  1. How is Sean Keeley going to feel when he find out there will be zero Jones a part of this year's recruiting class?
  2. How much money did Jones' mom waste on a plane ticket to South Florida?
  3. Did Jones try to pull a Ronaiah Tuiasosopo on us all, specifically The Post-Standard's Michael Cohen who wrote a great piece on him Thursday?

Here's how The Post-Standard followed up this story Friday:

Seated in the cafeteria at Carol City High School on Thursday in Miami, Jones weaved what now appears be an elaborate series of mistruths in an interview with The Post-Standard. He said his mother was traveling to Florida in the next few days to sign his letter of intent after he had chosen SU over Louisiana-Lafayette. He said God guided him to choose Syracuse while he was sitting in his bedroom Tuesday night.

All I know is, late Wednesday afternoon Mr. Keeley and I had a conversation about the oddness of Jones' commitment and this seems to bring some clarity. Though, as I mentioned above, this story just got a bit weirder.