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National Signing Day 2013: Syracuse Gets Brizzy Wit It

By my Estimetions, this should be our last recruit profile of the day, unless we get a surprise.

After committing to about a dozen schools in the last week, Brisly Estime has settled in on Syracuse. In terms of pure speed, Brisly might be the fastest guy on the team when he steps onto the field this fall. Seriously, check out the highlights below, he's fun to watch.

Stat Me: 306 yards and four touchdowns as a receiver, four interceptions at safety, and five total kick/punt return touchdowns.

Seein' Stars: Scout - 2*, Rivals - 3*, 247 - 3*, ESPN - 3*

Who's Crying?: Bowling Green, Cincinnati, FAU, FIU, Georgia State, Iowa State, Marshall, MTSU, NC State, Purdue, Western Kentucky, Western Michigan

Money Quote: Probably my favorite recruit quote of the year, non-Wayne Williams division:

"When they kick it to me, I just run it back. I think they're stupid for kicking it to me. I have to make them pay."

Which SU Coach Gets a Bonus?: George McDonald, natch.

Fun Fact: Brisly was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and didn't play football until he started high school.

Twitter Handle: @BALL_CHILL1