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National Signing Day 2013: Syracuse Wants Moore, Moore, Moore

Syracuse's most recent commit Kendall Moore makes it official and signs with SU.

Chicago native Kendall Moore just announced his commitment to Syracuse last night, and today he signs with the Orange. Now the question is whether he stays at tackle, or if Syracuse converts him into a big tight end.

Stat Me: SU lists Moore at 6'5", 250 pounds, so he is a bit of a tweener. ESPN says that he is very quick, making him an effective trap blocker.

Seein' Stars: Scout - 3*, Rivals - 3*, 247 - 3*, ESPN - 3*

Who's Crying?: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa State, Kansas, Miami (OH), Oklahoma, Purdue, UAB, Western Kentucky, Western Michigan

Money Quote: Not much from Moore since he just committed last night, but he did pull a Lebron in doing so...

"I'm taking my talents to New York State and Syracuse."

Which SU Coach Gets a Bonus?: DeAndre Smith was the point man on Moore's recruitment.

Fun Fact: Moore's High School, Neal F. Simeon, is pretty legendary. They had eleven players make D-1 commitments for football yesterday, and they are currently home to top basketball prospect Jabari Parker. Benji Wilson and Derrick Rose are both attended Simeon

Junior Highlights:

Kendall Moore JR Highlights (Chicago, IL) Simeon HS (via 247SportsStudio)