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Podcast No. 36 - National Signing Day Preview

Creator of's Ryan Murray joined TNIAAM's Jared Smith Monday to talk about Syracuse football recruiting as National Signing Day approaches.


Syracuse recruiting guru Ryan Murray of, a part of the Rivals Network, spoke with yours truly about Syracuse football's preparations for Wednesday's National Signing Day.

Here's a bit of a preview of what we talked about, just a few days before a few big recruits make their final decisions.

  • What it is like to be a recruiting writer around NSD.
  • What happened with Zach Allen and how big of a loss was he?
  • A breakdown of incoming quarterback recruits Austin Wilson and Mitch Kimble.
  • How the on-the-fence recruits - Malik Brown (DE), Kendall Moore (OL), Reggie Spearman (LB), Laray Smith (RB), Simeon Thomas (S) and Duron Singleton (S) - are feeling about SU.
  • How much of an impact will JUCO players, like linebacker Luke Arciniega, have on this season?
  • What has changed in recruiting since Doug Marrone/Nate Hackett left for Buffalo to when Scott Shafer and George McDonald took over.
  • How much of a recruiting guru is coach McDonald and can SU land a Top 25 recruiting class in 2014 like he promised?
  • Is the recruiting strategy of targeting NYC finished?
  • Who will be Syracuse's starting quarterback heading into Fall Camp?
  • What is the new coaching staff going to do about Ashton Broyld?
  • A quick breakdown of Syracuse football's depth chart after the departure of key players, including Ryan Nassib, Alec Lemon, Marcus Sales, Justin Pugh, Zack Chibane and Shamarko Thomas.
  • Our take on where we think Syracuse can finish in its first season in the ACC.

The podcast is a whopping 1-hour, 51 minutes long, so plan accordingly. I promise, Mr. Murray (@SUonRivals) has a lot of great inside information about NSD and will give you insight of where the Syracuse football program could be headed under the hard-nosed leadership of head coach Scott Shafer.