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Zach Allen Decommits From Syracuse For TCU

We can believe nothing anymore! Days after saying he was accepting a scholarship to Syracuse and contacting other recruits to make sure they were keeping to their word, quarterback Zach Allen announced his decommitment on Saturday. Allen will now play at TCU.


And the hits just keep on coming for Syracuse athletics.

On the same day the men's basketball program had its second leading scorer become ineligible until further notice, the football program is now reeling from an enormous recruiting loss as quarterback Zach Allen has decommitted from Syracuse, Scout's is reporting.

According, Allen is headed to TCU, a place he visited Friday and is expected to enroll on Monday.

This news comes three days after Allen reportedly accepted a scholarship to play at Syracuse. The Texas native was actually contacting other SU recruits that had verbally committed to make sure they were sticking to their word.

Of course, all of this comes in the wake of SU promoting Scott Shafer to head coach after former head coach Doug Marrone and offensive coordinator Nate Hackett bolted to the NFL.

Hackett's offense was a big reason why Allen, an Elite 11 quarterback, was interested in Syracuse. And though Shafer emphasized during his press conference Friday that SU's offense wasn't going to change despite having yet hired a offensive coordinator, it seems Allen wasn't buying what the new head coach was selling.