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The Time Mike Hopkins Went One-on-One With Kobe Bryant


"Are you going to play defense?" Hopkins remembers Bryant asking him. "You want me to play defense?" Hopkins asked back. "Oh I want you to play defense," Bryant answered, smirking at Hopkins.

- Daily Orange

Dino Babers: Check Mate


"I don't get to play it much. I was a big checkers fan. This is an interesting story. I grew up in an area with community centers where you go and guys open them up to have games and play. You play all day and they close and go back home and stay out of trouble. I used to go and play checkers. I can't remember the man's name. He was an older man. I used to come every day and play all day. I got sick and tired of playing checkers. He wanted me to learn how to play chess. I didn't want to learn how to play chess. No one in my family knew how to play. He said, 'If you don't play chess with me, I'm not going to play checkers.' I'd go play checkers, and he wouldn't play. He said, 'I tell you what. 'We'll play one game of checkers first. And then we'll play one game of chess.' I had no idea that chess was unlimited time. I played my one checker game. He was teaching me how to move the chess pieces. We'd play a game that would take all day. I kept figuring it out and eventually turned into a chess player.

Dino Babers on his love on chess. [via SI]

Boeheim Blames Self For Tough Non-Conference Schedule


"This whole scheduling thing is my fault. You cannot go to a tournament like we did and come home and play Wisconsin and go play Georgetown. I put the players in a terrible position. We just have to play our way through it, but it was horrific scheduling. That's my fault.''

Jin Boeheim on the team's recent gauntlet of games.

Rob Trudo Says SU's Offense Is 'Unstoppable'


"This offense is unstoppable. We stop ourselves if you look at the games."

Rob Trudo, on the most unstoppable 3-8 offense in the nation.

SU Walk-On Christian White on Why He Won't Play This Season


"You know what, Coach, I'll be at every single game. If guys get hurt, you can play me right away. But if that doesn't ever happen and there are games where we're up by a lot and the walk-ons go into the game, I'd rather not go in and save my eligibility.''

SU walk-on Christian White talks about why he won't play this season unless he has to. Thanks, NCAA!

Chuck Bullough Would Rather Have Faced The Guy Who Already Torched Him


"Honestly, I would've liked to see Golson because Golson doesn't check. (Maguire) is smart. This guy has a hell of an arm. Golson's thing is running around, and we had to gameplan for that...We didn't have to adjust our game plan...We would've adjusted it more if we had time, but with a young team you can't adjust too much. We gotta be ready to roll. He just made some throws. When I heard he was the guy, I wasn't happy at all. I was like 'Damn,' because we had the gameplan for the other guy, and (Maguire's) a better thrower."

Defensive coordinator Chuck Bullough, whose defense was torched for four touchdowns by Everett Golson last season.

Boeheim on The Responsibility During His Suspension


"It's not his team, it's my team. If they lose, it's because I didn't coach them right. It's not because he didn't coach them right."

Jim Boeheim talking about how the criticism should land during his suspension. While it almost sounds like he's pulling rank, he's actually trying to make the case that he's ultimately responsible regardless of who is the coach.

Julian Whigham: Not a Fan of the FSU War Chant


"That is the most annoying thing to hear. I hate Florida State because of it. Before I didn't really have any problem with Florida State. We just played them, all right, game on the schedule. I really hate playing them because I have to listen to that more. Guys just be humming it to themselves. It is the worst. I want to choke Seamus (Shanley), my lockermate. He was singing it to himself right after practice (Tuesday). It's the most annoying sound to deal with, and it makes you want to punch somebody."

Julian Whigham, who is not going to like how things sound on Saturday

Tim Green: 'I don't know a single person who doesn't think very highly of Scott Shafer'


"I'm glad that I'm not the guy who has to make a decision on that because you got forces on both sides, and I understand the impatience of the fan base, but I also understand that we're so close. I don't know a single person who doesn't think very highly of Scott Shafer. I've not met one person who has ever met him and knows him who doesn't know that he's a wonderful guy and a substantial guy and a really outstanding football coach. It's a really tough situation because everything is about winning. I think you're damned if you do and damned if you don't."

Tim Green, former All-American for the Syracuse football team