Link to watch SU-WMU tonight?


Hey! Does anyone know of a link to watch the game online tonight besides the CBS Website? Figured it was worth a try... Thanks!


It's okay not to punish UNC because Roy Williams didn't know about the fake classes


Seven committees came out and said, 'Roy didn't know what was going on, didn't have anything to do with it.'

Apparently it's okay that infractions went on without the head coach knowing about them... unless your name is Boeheim.

Dino Babers: '[2016 offense] was like watching paint dry'


"It looked slow. And it won’t be right until next year between Games 4 and 6. It was like watching paint dry. Somewhere in the second year, between Games 4 and 6, that’s when we’ll finally hit the right tempo."

Dino Babers on how fast the offense looked this season (via ESPN's David Hale)

Dino Babers wants to roadtrip with Jon Snow


"Jon Snow, Lord of the North, along with the dragon."

Dino Babers, on who he would like to roadtrip with.

Boeheim: 'This is the best team we've had in a long time'


"We've got everything. We've got depth. We've got shooters. We've got size. This is the best team we've had in a long time."

Jim Boeheim to Andy Katz

Colgate football coach Dan Hunt excited about Dino Babers (except for Friday)


"I'm still a fan of Syracuse. It was like, 'Wow, that's going to be fun in Syracuse...Then you realize, 'oh crap,' we have to play those guys. If we didn't have to play him, I was getting real excited when he came on board.''

Colgate football coach Dan Hunt via

SU commit Nykeim Johnson: "I could do great in the offense"


"I could do great in the offense...The offense is a great fit, a fast-paced offense that I can go deep a lot. They use the slots a lot. They can jet me around. I can be in the return game, punt returner, kick returner, so I just felt like it was home."

SU commit Nykeim Johnson, via

Mike Tirico Thinks Syracuse Haters "Shoud All Shut Up"


"I think they should all shut up, if you just want to start with that. It's so sophomoric and moronic to go to this whole hate thing for a group, really, if you talk about the players involved, 18-22-year-old kids who didn't do a thing wrong. You can hold whatever you want against Jim Boeheim or the university if you have individual issues or problems or are just sick of seeing the same school over and over. But the same fraudulent people who say it's not about the kids have taken what these kids have done and watered down their accomplishments. I think that's chicken bleep, to be very honest with you. The people that are doing that, great. We're in a society where people have to fill up air time, and often times they'll say things without much thought."

Mike Tirico speaking with Brent Axe about the hate Syracuse has been getting in the NCAA Tournament

"[Dino Babers] basically gave me no reason to go play anywhere else."


"Off the jump, I just felt like I was part of the family. I was just like, 'I want to play for this guy (Babers).' He basically gave me no reason to go play anywhere else."

Devin Butler, who just committed to play for the Orange

Boeheim Defends Coach K, Doesn't Think He Purposefully Skipped Shaking SU Player Hands


"He came down the handshake line, somebody told me from who was sitting there, that he was upset with some Duke students who were yelling at our players. He was looking at them. The referees were long gone at that time. I heard people on radio today talking about how he was looking at them, but that's not the case, from what I understand. He wouldn't do that. He doesn't like Duke students yelling at players. He's very tough about that. He's as classy as any coach. "

Jim Boeheim