A Syracuse bowl


NCAA and bowls, along with a Syracuse bowl.

'Interesting' take on recent Cuse guards in the NBA


Yikes, this isn't what we wanted to see! Time to come back for some sessions with GMac.

Want someone to blame for the 2014 Syracuse season? Why not Brian?


Was wandering around last summer's comment sections, when I found this quote from our own Brian Tahmosh. So yeah, guess we found someone to blame for that disaster. "Thanks, Brian."

Will Allen, former Syracuse cornerback, charged with running a Ponzi scheme


The Securities and Exchange Commission said in a complaint filed Tuesday in Boston that William D. Allen and Susan Daub raised almost $32 million from investors in 2012, gave out about $18 million in loans, and used about $7 million for personal expenses. The complaint says they "used money from some investors to pay other investors, while ... funneling millions of dollars of investor money to themselves -- the hallmarks of a Ponzi scheme."

No Love from CBS, SB Nation or ESPN in the Too Early Top 25s

+ A little surprised that nobody is showing us any love, but as any rational person should know, these things don't really matter until the games are played. Also apologies if I didn't do this right. I never made one of these before and I didn't know how or if I can put 3 links.

Giants reportedly 'high' on Syracuse safety Durell Eskridge


Syracuse held its pro day on Monday, and Eskridge was one of 18 players who worked out for scouts. According to a report from, Giants safeties coach Dave Merritt told a member of the Syracuse coaching staff that the team is "high" on Eskridge, who is a safety. Draft analysts consider Eskridge a likely mid-round pick.

Ford: Chris McCullough will be drafted in the "20 to 40 range"


Chad Ford thinks Chris McCullough will be drafted in the "20 to 40 range."

Terrel Hunt Hearts Jamal Custis


"He's not there yet. He's a freshman struggling a little bit," Hunt said. "But he also shows some amazing things. He shows glimpses of (former NFL wide receiver Randy) Mossing somebody. He's a fast guy, he's big. I love throwing to him. Once he gets everything down, because he's still trying to figure out who he is, that's the hardest part. Once he figures out who he is, he is going to be amazing."

Shafer Applauds Senior Class at Annual Football Banquet


The Syracuse football program and head coach Scott Shafer honored 27 members of the 2015 senior class at the annual awards banquet, including 26 student-athletes and one manager.

Baseball fills void for Tyler Marona after concussion forced his retirement from Syracuse football


"That was a terrible, terrible feeling," Marona said. "The concussion that ends your football career shouldn’t be easy to describe, I guess. "Sometimes I wonder, ‘What if that hadn’t happened?’ and think, ‘Where would I be?’"