Alex Bono interview with American Soccer Now


Our former friendly neighborhood goalkeeper took some time to talk to ASN about his pretty eventful 48 hour stretch with the Hermann Trophy Ceremony, Generation Adidas Contract and USMNT callup.

New York Chooses SU As New York's College Team


via @TheJuiceOnline: From a hallway in the Times Square subway stop, apparently

A Farewell to Dion Waiters


"What is that proverb about finding a true friend while neck-deep in a pile of shit? I might be misremembering it. Anyway, that is where I met Dion Waiters, who is my favorite dickhead."



"OK, just to acknowledge: I've made the mistake and called Kaleb Joseph 'Kris' Joseph once. I know Kris Joseph played for Syracuse. We've got Chris Christmas ... ahhh, Kris Joseph, who had played for Syracuse once. We can stop the Twitter-bombing. I made a mistake, OK? My goodness. This is a heck of a game right now. Let's focus on that."

Jim Boeheim Helps Syracuse Fan Wedding Proposal


When you think of romance, think of Jim Boeheim.

VIDEO: Trevor Cooney's Long-Range Buzzer Beater at Halftime vs. LBSU


Syracuse's Trevor Cooney calmly drills the 3-pointer from just inside halfcourt at the end of the first half to give the Orange a 44-40 lead against Long Beach State.

Michigan State Names Co-Defensive Coordinators


Doesn't guarantee Bullough stays at SU, but a good sign. Could increase chances Daoust leaves, however...