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Conference Realignment

Reactions to the latest round of conference realignment from around college athletics.

ACC Expansion What-If: 2006-07 Syracuse Basketball

Syracuse's alternate 2006-07, this time in the ACC, brings about the same team led by Demetris Nichols and the same disappointing trip to the NIT

Notre Dame Will Join ACC Next Season

According to SI, Notre Dame will join the ACC next season in basketball (and everything else except football while they're at it).

ACC Realignment What-If: 2006 SU Football Season

Forget everything you think you knew about the 2006 Syracuse football season (except the Iowa loss, which still happened). The Orange are going Bowling!

ACC Expansion What-If: 2005-06 Syracuse Basketball

What if Syracuse had been added to the ACC back in 2004, instead of Virginia Tech? The 2005-06 season is replayed, without "OVERRATED?!" or Gerry McNamara's four miraculous days at MSG.

Realignment What-If: 2005 Syracuse Football Season

Syracuse didn't make it to the ACC when the league expanded back in 2004; but what if the Orange had been added originally, instead of Virginia Tech?

Conference Realignment: ACC Ya, North Carolina?

Because it's been too long for anyone to just settle in for longer than three months, it's time for the latest round of conference realignment rumors.

ACC Expansion What-If: 2004-05 Syracuse Basketball

How would Syracuse basketball have fared in its first season in the ACC, had the Orange made the move back in 2004?

Big 12 Forging an Alliance with the ACC?

There's been a lot of fuss made over the Big 12's supposed expansion plans, but recent news indicates they may prefer to partner with the ACC instead.

Imitation: The Sincerest Sign Of Failure?

We've seen this movie before. Some characters are new, some names have been changed, but the plot line -- it's all too familiar.

Syracuse Pushed For Louisville Over UConn

According to Louisville AD Tom Jurich, Syracuse (along with Florida State and Clemson) pushed hard for Louisville over UConn as the 14th member of the ACC. That shouldn't make our upcoming games with them awkward or anything.

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Big East Tournament value crushed by realignment

The University of Louisville joined the ACC Tuesday, a move that could serve as the decisive blow to the value of the Big East Conference and its men's college basketball tournament held annually at Madison Square Garden.

Somewhere Between Big Ten & Big East Is The ACC

The ACC announced today that Louisville would become the 14th member and that it would not expand to 16 schools. Both decisions showcase the good and bad way of ACC thinking.

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More Crap is Falling From the Sky

I want my blankie.

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Louisville moves to the ACC, hates itself

Wednesday morning, we learned that Louisville will move to the ACC in 2014. This will be an abject disaster for the Cardinals.

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Forget athletics, this is an academic disaster

Forget athletics, not going to the ACC is an academic disaster for UConn

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Big East realignment defines incompetence

On Monday, the Big East Conference invited Tulane and ECU to join the league. A day later, Louisville bolts to the ACC. SB Nation New York's Jared Smith says from the beginning the Big East has been incompetent in its decision making.

Louisville To Join ACC, UConn Left Out (For Now)

And so, the great debate of UConn vs. Louisville is over. The Louisville Cardinals are headed to the ACC and the UConn Huskies will remain in the Big East. At least for now.

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ACC Replaces Maryland With Louisville

The Cardinals finally got their ticket out of the Big East, but the Big East is also running out of suitable replacement schools for the ACC to poach.

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The ACC votes to add Louisville

The ACC voted to add Louisville this morning.

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The wait is over. Card Nation's day has come. The University of Louisville is headed to the Atlantic Coast Conference.

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The Sports Content Bubble

This won't end well.

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Tulane, ECU to join the Big East

The Big East will add Tulane in all sports and ECU in football only in a reaction to the latest round of conference realignment. All while Villanova remains impotent in conference realignment.

Big East USA: Tulane & ECU Headed To Big East

Tulane and ECU will be Big East schools by 2014. As for what that makes the Big East, I don't know...