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Hello ACC!: What Syracuse Is Leaving Behind

It didn't take long for the Big East and the AAC (errrr, UConn) to make Syracuse fans feel good about their move to the ACC. (Seriously guys, it took less than 12 hours.)

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

How do we know leaving the Big East Conference and moving to the Atlantic Coast Conference was the best move?

For starters, the Big East knew for months (years?) July 1, 2013 was coming, and just like it did for conference realignment, wasn't ready to adapt when the time came.

(So, now you guys know how we felt even before you guys showed up. Good luck, Marquette. #39Points.)

Second, the new American Athletic Conference's future plans rely on USF vs. UCF to be a thing. Yes, that is its plan, according to commissioner Mike Aresco.

Meanwhile, UConn has no freakin' clue where it is at the moment. #HAHAHAHAUConn