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Conference Realignment

Reactions to the latest round of conference realignment from around college athletics.

TNIAAP: Conference realignment-palooza

A topic we didn’t expect to be diving into this summer is now the only thing we’re expected to discuss.

Five possibly insane conference realignment ideas for the ACC

Some of these are more reasonable than others.

What should the ACC & Syracuse do if OU & Texas head to SEC?

Idea: ACC can use NFL’s 17th game scheduling for inter-divisional matchups

Here, pay attention to something beyond basketball transfers...

Pros/cons for SU in a regionally-focused ‘Yankee Conference’

You don’t want this and it won’t happen, but there are potential positive outcomes just the same.

Is your conference realignment rumor insane?: UCLA/ACC edition

Peak offseason once again yields peak insanity around conference realignment.

Was B1G right to fear Penn State leaving for ACC?

Apparently this was a thing... or at least that’s the story when writing Jim Delany’s complicated legacy.

If Big Ten eliminates divisions, ACC should quickly follow

The biggest hurdle to complete conference championship deregulation may soon be out of the way.

What conference realignment options does machine learning offer SU?

r/CFB provides some quality offseason content just over a week before the season starts.

Where do SU’s Big East rivalries rank among those lost to realignment? (LINKS)

We probably have a different opinion than others do.

Just how B1G is Syracuse?

Very, if you utilize one particular measure.

Hypothetical Northeast Conference gives SU most of what it wants

Entertaining ideas that can’t occur, but could still be fun to think about.

WSU joining AAC provides glimpse into alt-reality for SU

UConn’s miserable, but we try not to laugh at them too much.

Five nuggets from this look at SU's realignment

Chris Carlson dug into the divergent paths the two schools have taken since conference realignment altered the college sports landscape in a piece for

If You Had to Replace an ACC School With G5 School

A hypothetial question for a bit of conference realignment fun.

Balancing Schedules in a Division-Less ACC

Fixing some of the lingering issues from yesterday's exploration...

Syracuse & College Football in a Pro/Rel Model?

Let's get even more creative with college football realignment talk.

TNIAAP: Conference Realignment-Palooza

Maybe conference realignment starts up again. Or maybe it doesn't. Either way, we talk about it for like an hour.

ACC Network, Realignment Talk is Heating Up Again

The conversations have gotten louder about conference realignment and a potential ACC Network. It's 2010-2012 all over again.

Is ACC's Realignment Long Game Notre Dame, Texas?

Some interesting conversations going on about Notre Dame and Texas and what their football futures may hold.

Would You Prefer Syracuse's Spot in a P5 League?

If the P5 Conferences colluded and reformed as a group of regional divisions, would you prefer that to Syracuse's current setup in the ACC?

Realignment: Where SU COULD'VE Landed 5 Years Ago

Conference realignment news was all we knew (relatively) for over a year straight. Five years later, what COULD'VE happened, yet didn't?

TNIAAP: Final Four Recap/ACC Division Realignment?

John and Dan somehow manage to heap praise on Coach K, while talking some ACC divisional realignment and of course, beer.

Big Picture: Impact of ACC Divisional Changes

Well this might be the news Syracuse fans were looking for...

What if Syracuse Was in the Coastal Division?

We're sticking around in the Atlantic for the time being. But what if Syracuse had ended up in the Coastal instead?

ACC's New Logo Basically Rips Off Big East's Logo

The ACC hadn't indicated it would be unveiling a new logo. So they went ahead and did that.. and it basically looks like the Big East's logo.

Get Ready For 30 for 30: Requiem For The Big East

March 16th, the rise and fall of the Big East will be televised.

ACC Votes to Send Title Game Legislation to NCAA

John chats with BC Interruption's Brian Favat and Backing the Pack's Steven Muma about the ACC's proposed legislation.

The ACC Has No Clue About Aspirational Marketing

The ACC tried to recruit Penn State and (likely) Northwestern by sending Pitt and Wake Forest. Yup...

Syracuse to the ACC Becomes Official in NYC

John Swofford, Jim Boeheim, Mike Brey, Larry Fitzgerald, and a host of others represented the ACC and various member schools in New York City as the conference officially welcomed Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and Notre Dame today.

Hello ACC!: What Syracuse Is Leaving Behind

It didn't take long for the Big East and the AAC (errrr, UConn) to make Syracuse fans feel good about their move to the ACC.

Syracuse's $7.5M Exit Fee: Who's Chipping In?

A article asks who at SU should be paying for the $7.5M exit fee that we'll have to pay the Big East to leave in July.