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TNIAAM Reacts: Orange fans have mixed emotions about Syracuse sport futures

It’s a true mixed bag this week

This week we asked Syracuse Orange fans to put on their prediction hats and give us thoughts on some future outcomes. Let’s get to the results.

Posting this right after the Orange lost at Boston College probably had a significant impact, but we’ll see if Adrian Autry’s squad can get a big win tonight and restore some optimism.

Having lost two in a row, it seems like the Orange women will need to rebound down the stretch to get a top-four seed and home court advantage in the women’s NCAA Tournament. With a loaded ACC, they still have that opportunity to enhance their resume.

Lacrosse season starts today and both Orange squads enter as top-10 teams with high expectations. Most of you think at least one of the teams will find their way into the Final Four in May.

Things around Syracuse football are a little quieter as the team is preparing for Fran Brown’s first spring practice. The majority of you expect seven or eight wins and a good number are thinking nine or higher.

Thanks for contributing.

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