NE/MYLES FARMER FANS for Syracuse!!!

Hello Big Orange!

I am a Ne native however lived in Denver for 13 years. I wanted to give you guys a big congratulations on getting Myles Farmer. I had the opportunity to work with Myles and this young man has been definitely missed in Nebraska. I noticed comments that he was not missed here in Ne. That couldn't be furthest from the truth, Myles was a leader, and he was looked up to by many players. When you have a safety as that is what he was for us for the majority of his career here. You have a dedicated young man who has already received a degree in sports broadcasting. He is smart and he knew NE playbook better than the new Defensive coach did. That just didn't sit well with this coach and for Myles I am glad he is at Syracuse, and I do believe he will be a great addition to the Denver Broncos or any other NFL team. Myles has a huge fan base from Nebraska so much so we all watched him play at Syracuse and to be honest it would be a very good thing if he came Nebraska ha-ha I know that is not happening, but I needed to let your fans and staff know. You got the real deal and yes, he like many his age, made a mistake by driving home that evening. He did more than needed to make up for his wrong decision. This humble athlete along with Newsome volunteered for our Los Santos youth activity group. Asking for nothing in return not even media coverage. People that do nice things without expecting anything says so much about that person. Keep the faith in Myles you'll get a lot in return Syracuse fans:) We will be cheering you on next year and see the magic he brings back to your team!!