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Syracuse football depth chart shows some changes for matchup with Clemson

A lot of them are known changes since we saw them.


Another week, another depth chart. This time we get to see the Syracuse Orange purported two deep against the Clemson Tigers this Saturday. Coming off of the 29-16 victory against Army, Syracuse looks to expand on their first undefeated out-of-conference schedule since 1959 and match up with the 2-2 Tigers at the JMA Wireless Dome.

This week the wideouts are the movers and shakers. Our numbers are dwindling as Isaiah Jones officially leaves the depth chart this week. Note: Syracuse’s top two options heading into this year by the Week 1 depth chart are now both injured, as well as their two biggest targets. In his stead, Umari Hatcher moves to the top spot on the depth chart.

So the chart look as follows:

  • Damien Alford, Donovan Brown, Umari Hatcher

The twos are:

  • Darrell Gill Jr., Kendall Long, D’Marcus Adams

So we have no idea what’s happening, since we literally saw Trebor Pena out there, dressed, running and catching a football. One would think that would qualify him for inclusion on the depth chart. I guess we’ll see what happens when they line up on offense this week.

There was no change in the offensive line on paper, and we saw Kalan Ellis out and Joe More dressed, so it looks like this will be the unit we will see until Ellis returns. The More question mark being resolved does add some much needed depth to the unit though and is a welcome addition.

On defense, Kevin Jobity is no longer holding down the backup spot at both defensive ends, allowing Terry Lockett getting his due and even bumping up to the “OR” designation with Denis Jaquez this week. His emergence and getting up to speed will be good for the defense heading into another week of tests against an offensive line as well as Will Shipley running at them.