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#FakeNunes previews Syracuse vs Army

Two teams who haven’t lost in a Dome in 2023 collide

NCAA Football: Army at Texas-San Antonio Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Wednesday, so you know what that means... time for the blog that gives you the internet’s most ridiculous college football preview series- it’s #FakeNunes time. Can we keep finding ways to get #jokesandgarbage into a Syracuse Orange preview? You be the judge....

Now onto this week’s opponent

Opponent: Army Black Knights

Location: West Point, NY

Students: 4,294 cadets who we aren’t going to joke about

The 2023 Fake Nunes Statistical Index (#FNSI)

We continue to look to innovate our analytics model so we here’s what the lab cooked up for this season.

Rivalry Trophy

The FNSI staff won’t give up on their quest to bring back more tradition into today’s college game. Let’s see what they’ve got for this one

The Hudson River

We hold out hopes that The Schwartzwalder Trophy will be contested again, so we won’t go in that direction. Instead we suggest playing for control of the Hudson River. What would Syracuse do with the Hudson River you ask? Well, let’s win it first then figure that out later.

NCAA Football: Connecticut at Army Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

The True North Difference

In order to maintain our status as #CanadasCollegeTeam, each week we look at which team has more Canadian players on their roster.

Army has zero Canadian players on their roster. I mean it’s almost like they have something against recruiting north of the border because they have multiple players from Hawaii. Another win for the Orange’s Damien Alford and Max Perricone in this one.

Advantage: Syracuse

Notable Alum

Bringing back this one as we love to drop, some knowledge every now and then to help our loyal readers possibly win a trivia night. After all we are the Syracuse blog that loves you back and we take that seriously.

George Armstrong Custer vs Craig Carton

Two alums that neither school wants you to talk about, but the truth is both had outstanding accomplishments before their fall from grace. If you ask alumni offices at either school about these gentleman, you’ll probably get a silent glare in return.

Advantage: Push

Football Program Hashtag:

None vs #GoArmy #BeatNavy

A little premature to be talking about Navy when that’s the final game of the season but whatever.

Advantage: Army

The Official #FakeNunes Game Prediction

Syracuse gets off to a fast start but Army battles back following a blocked field goal that the Knights return for a touchdown. The Orange pull away in the 3rd quarter but controversy arises when Garrett Shrader runs one in from 11 yards out and salutes a section of cadets in the stands. Local talk radio is swamped with callers demanding that Nye Auto Group remove commercials featuring Shrader. The story gets national attention which is further fueled by Dabo Swinney’s comments that Cade Klubnik would never disrespect the troops.

Final Score: Syracuse 38, Army 20